Microsoft MVP Mentor Program for Education

Did you know the Microsoft MVP Program has had a mentorship program for a few years now that allows schools and teachers to request mentors for virtually every product Microsoft has?

Working with people who are interested in learning new technologies means a lot to me to me. I’m an older guy now but back in the NT 4.0 days someone contacted me on AOL asking me about networking and servers OS’s and I invited him over to my office and we covered that basics (OS, DNS, DHCP) and more over a few months. He was a mechanic just out of high school and always felt like he wanted to learn new technologies. He’s now running a very successful consulting firm in St. Louis Mo.

I got so much out of that personally and I can say that I’ve been involved in this program for years. To be honest that’s why I work in the forums, why I run events and like to help others get ahead when that might not have a chance otherwise. Helping others is good Karma!

The technologies start at Azure and end at Xbox and includes every product in-between. Take a moment and spread the word about the program to friends or teachers you feel might take advantage of this.

You can find them on Facebook & apply to be matched with an Microsoft MVP by filling out this application.

Thanks SPK

Kris Wagner