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MeasureUpco1So the new SharePoint 2013 and other core tests… They are much harder than the last bunch for 2010…. Not all tests are alike! While the tests are not 100% accurate (meaning a 1:1 match) they can be close. Also keep in mind there could be 10 flavors of the test and the one you’re taking might not be what the person next to you is taking. I helped write these tests in the past and can tell you some are harder then others. I have used the practice tests to help me study for years now and I give them a 4 out of 5. Note: I’ve had some issues with the test engine on Windows 8, they said they are working on a fix. PS I get no commission and have no connection to M-Up. I just like their products J – Happy SharePointing.

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If you’re serious about getting certified and don’t have time to sit in a classroom or guess through different learning systems, Cert Kits provide a fast-track to certification with a “boot camp style“, easy-to-use suite of learning, practice and mentoring tools in one package – at a price you can afford. Purchased separately, expect to pay 60% more for these online tools. Cert Kits include:

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