It’s been a while…

hat is up my friends? I’ve missed you! I’ve taken a few months off from my passion ofKris Wagner community focused around SharePoint for a few reasons.  Umm the Chicago #Cubs won the World Series, year I won the digital copy and DVD of the series and I watch it when I get down  Then I was unexpectedly laid off because of a lack of work at Tahoe Partners back in November #ThatSucked 😦 but I ended up with a good package and left on a good note.

In December I had several offers and I ended up taking one of the more challenging roles I was offered.  At Daugherty as a Principal Consultant and Practice Manager for all things cloud out of our Chicagoland office. Daugherty Business Solutions Is headquartered in my hometown of St. Louis and they are in the same building as Microsoft.  We have the footprint similar to Slalom when I was the 80th employee back in 2006 ish but we are 2,500 strong.

We have a great leadership team across the US and something I’m not used to.  Our CEO Ron Daugherty is transparent with our business.  He doesn’t hide anything and makes sure we’re all on the same page.

It’s refreshing, it’s helpful and it works.  Ron puts out video and audio podcasts to engage us and bring what’s going on out of the email and on to our devices.  Ron’s been doing podcasts before they were cool.  Here a shot of Ron in last weeks “Good Day Daugherty” podcast.

Vacation #YAY My husband and I just got back from a cruise to Mexico with a few extra days in New Orleans.  It was with his parents, brother, sister in law and our two nephews Crew and Tucker.  It was amazing, fun and exciting.   I’ve never been to New Orleans, the people and food was amazing.  Oh, I was obsessed with the towel animals and started a collection as shown here.

There was a joke on Facebook about what these were up to when we were not around.

Here are a few images of our vacation.

My old blog site has almost been fully migrated. Going from a hosted SharePoint 2010 site Muchas gracias and  merci beaucoup to for providing SharePoint Hosting to for over 10 years.

Thanks and more to come!

Kris Wagner