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Like many other people out there in the world, you may have turned off your landline. It doesn’t make sense when you have multiple mobile phones and we’re all trying to save where we can. We turned our home phone off about 3 months ago because we simply didn’t use it.   The one thing I don’t like about not having a landline would be long conference calls, my BlackBerry just doesn’t cut it for long calls… before you call me out, yes I’m a SharePoint Architect that doesn’t use a Windows based PDA.

For the most part my choices today are VoIP over a cable modem. If we went with a cable modem we’re looking at an increase to our monthly service from $140 monthly to $185 monthly. The other choices are a Skype or Vonage type service, both I still feel have issues.

I’ve been waiting for Verizon Wireless to release a product like T-Mobile @Home and they did, the Verizon Hub comes with a touch screen, widgets, remote access voice mail so on and so on.  The screen and frame remind me of the Nortel OCS touch screen phone.  The hub even doubles as a digital frame when in sleep mode.

Does it directly integrate with Verizon Wireless mobile phones like T-Mobile’s solution?  There seems to be some interconnectivity between the hub and mobile phone but time will tell.  If it doesn’t hook in with my mobile and let me make calls from home then it’s just another really cool looking VoIP phone. The hub device seems to be designed around the idea of collaboration and should have a retail cost of $200.

Verizon Hub


  • Web accessibility to the hub.
  • Calling features (forwarding and transfer to mobile)
  • Check local traffic and weather in the morning before leaving the house
  • Update your calendar and automatically receive a text when an appointment changes or as a reminder not to be late
  • Get directions to the new site when the location for soccer practice is moved
  • Find the number of the new pizza parlor to order a pie
  • Preview the trailers from an upcoming movie that you might want to take the family to over the weekend, then purchase tickets using the Verizon Hub

Calling plans and how this will actually work with mobile phones hasn’t been released but should be in the next few days. I love toys and I often get questioned by the other half, “do we really need that?” and to be honest 70% of the things I buy maybe we don’t need but this might be one we just need.

– Kris Wagner, SharePoint Server MVP
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Original 1/29/2009 1:35 PM